S & P Consult GmbH

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Our company

S & P Consult GmbH– in short S & P – is a consulting engineering firm specialising in trenchless pipeline installation, rehabilitation and maintenance, as well as environmental technology. We are a subsidiary of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH.

Planning, construction & rehabilitation

Precise and proactive planning is required for a successful realisation of underground infrastructure projects. The decision on their future efficiency is already made on the planning table. Our ideology consists of a holistic approach to planning

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Assessment & management

We consult network owners and operators in all aspects of rehabilitation and maintenance management of their line-bound supply and disposal infrastructures.

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Calculation & dimensioning

Structural calculations represent a vital component of any sustainable planning concept. We pro-vide structural calculations for your projects throughout all the stages, from planning to construction monitoring and quality controlling

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Expertise & consulting

People trust in our expert knowledge, as a consultant in the approval of major projects, in the private and public sector, within the scope of the preservation of evidence or with ex-trajudicial expertise.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein provided essential foundations for a sustained management of drainage systems, as well as for trenchless installations of pipelines and their rehabilitation and maintenance. S & P has its focus on this tradition and its intertwined objectives, as e.g. environmental protection, improved underground supply and disposal infrastructures - and with that an improved quality of life in our cities.

The complexity of this task requires interdisciplinary solutions. Our team of highly qualified professionals at S & P is at your disposal.
Our know-how in planning, construction, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and management of water supply and disposal networks, as well as the mastery of all trenchless installation methods and pipeline rehabilitation are the key to our success.

In addition to consulting services and practice-oriented solutions we initiate and support a multitude of research and development projects. We advise and assist owners and operators in all fields of rehabilitation and maintenance management of their supply and disposal networks.

Through thousands of successfully realised projects, and in reference books which we published in co-operation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein in English, Japanese and Spanish and which are regarded as standard literature on their field all over the world, it is documented that our opinion counts.

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Quality Mark

We own the German quality mark referring the field of trenchless installation (ABV) and trenchless rehabilitation (ABS) of drains and sewers according to the RAL-GZ 961 directive.

Our range of services at a glance

Planning, construction and rehabilitation

Development, new construction and rehabilitation planning of water supply and drainage systems using both the trenchless and open cut methods of installation with consideration of hydraulic, operational, structural and environment-related aspects

  • Planning
  • Concept
  • Draft
  • Authorisation planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Quantity estimate
  • Cost calculation
  • Contract and specification development
  • Call for tenders
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Award proposal
  • Safety and health protection management
  • Execution
  • Construction supervision
  • Site supervision and management
  • Acceptance
  • Installation supervision
  • Documentation
  • Settlement of accounts
  • Final inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Safety and health protection management

Rehabilitation of large profiles

  • Determination of the structural condition in an extended form
  • Subsoil investigation and assessment
  • Hydraulic and ecological investigations
  • Extended stability testing
  • Extended investigation of rehabilitation variants
  • Rehabilitation planning

Drain systems

  • New planning of drain systems
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of drain systems
  • Small wastewater treatment plants

Self-Monitoring Ordinance

  • Stock taking and assessment of the operating and work instructions
  • Review and assessment of the reports and documentation
  • Support of the implementation of measures according to legal requirements

Calculation and dimensioning

  • Structure planning & structural quality control
  • Special structural calculation methods
  • Structural supervision of jacking projects by CoJack

Assessment and management

  • Analysis of fault lists
  • Data management
  • Assessment of conditions and existing structures
  • Predictions regarding changes in conditions and existing structures
  • Prediction supported strategy development
  • Strategic rehabilitation and maintenance management for gas, water and drainage networks

Operative rehabilitation and maintenance management for gas, water and drainage networks

  • Inspection planning
  • Cleaning planning
  • Leaktightness testing
  • Detection of leakages

Asset evaluation

  • Evaluation of assets regarding a calculation of required levies
  • Prediction of assets and network-related levy percentages
  • Detailed classification of assets accounting to optimize the financial and investment planning
  • Network evaluations in the course of a reorganization of sewage management (e.g. part transfer of municipal assets to private operators, opening balance sheet in case of a foundation of an institution under public law)
  • Evaluation of municipal infrastructure assets when introducing the “New Municipal Financial Management“
  • Split sewage levy

Surface water management

    Measures to minimize the sealing of the ground
  • Undo sealing measures in order to reduce surface water runoff into the sewer system – renaturalization
  • Water permeable paved surfaces
  • Vegetated roof design
  • Measures regarding surface water seepage

  • Measures for pre-filtration of precipitation runoff and surface water seepage
  • Drainage swale
  • Infiltration trench
  • Drainage system comprising of a infiltration trench and a perforated pipe
  • Drainage system comprising of an open swale and a infiltration trench
  • Percolation via soakaway manhole
  • Infiltration pond
  • Other measures for surface water management
  • Use of surface water
  • Surface water retention
  • Ground/ undergravel/ solid filter
  • Operation and maintenance of surface water management facilities
  • Measures regarding surface water seepage

  • Continuous flow measurement at a few selected points

Management of extraneously infiltrated water

  • Continuous flow measurement at a few selected points
  • Determination of the extraneous infiltration water volumes by means of time-series analysis
  • Creation of a discharge hydrograph based on data of flow measurements
  • Calculation of the periodic share of water consumption and precipitation water flow-off
  • Precise daily determination of the extraneously infiltrated water volumes and shares
  • Determination of extraneous infiltration water sources via feature detection
  • Development of rehabilitation strategies and predictions considering the structural condition of the drainage system

Pressure management

Consulting and Expert opinions

  • Private and court expert opinions
  • Arbitration processes
  • Market analysis and expert reports
  • Status/structural condition analysis
  • Predictions
  • Environmental studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic assessments
  • Approval procedures

Subsoil analyses (Planning, supervision, analysis and evaluation of subsoil investigations)

Damage analyses

Consulting and project support

  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Quality control and quality management
  • Mediative construction supervision